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For Corporate

A comprehensive E-health ecosystem packaged with employee health claims management and employee welfare program


For Individuals

All-in-one healthcare solution with a personal touch and care enabling individuals to make the right decisions for healthcare.


For Intermediaries

A comprehensive health care claim management and extensive wellness programs to cater to the specific or elaborate needs of your customers.  

About My SmartHealth

The contagion has rehabilitated countless effects with therapeutic outlays shooting up and equivalent entrée to the most valued healthcare becoming the instantaneous need for everybody. Health coverage is no longer just a supplementary advantage but an inevitability for everyone. My SmartHealth is all-in-one health & wellness package providing health benefits in a single  intuitive dashboard

Key Challenges encountered by individuals and corporates in reaching out to the health benefits

Today, the most prime trouble faced by individuals in health insurances are lack of knowledge about the insurances and their benefits. People look at health insurances as a tax saving tool rather than a future ticket to claim medical benefits.

Corporate employee plans starts at Rs. 25 Per Year

Our Service

What’s in store for customers

How it eliminates the pain points or challenges

An Excellent E-healthcare Ecosystem

MySmartHealth, a complete health care ecosystem with a comprehensive dashboard for better clarity on insurance claims and claim management. A cutting-edge solution keeping pace with the latest trends and innovations in the healthcare industry. Chaperoned by a team of experts specialized in IT, ITES, Insurance, and healthcare industries, MySmartHealth stands to serve customers with an all-in-one platform connecting to the right health care insurances equipped with real-time tracking.

Highly Customizable

A custom-made platform catering to different segments of people. Be it large or small, it tends to organizations with the most relevant services and preventive health solutions to address every individual’s health needs. A broad range of wellness programs and claim management to choose from and reap special benefits.

An all-inclusive Application

Starts with a basic plan, which includes all the primary check points accompanied by specialized plans catering to a family or for individuals. Enabling senior citizens with huge awareness about the polices and the insurance claims. Ranging from an eye checkup, good oral hygiene, comprehensive body checkup, and doctor consultation, we connect you to the best professionals and service providers. Sit back and relax while we take care of all the background work of getting you the services through our user-friendly smart platform. Check out our membership plans for free value-add services to tend to your health care needs. Tailor-made plans to suit the utmost needs of categories of individuals such as senior care.

Annual Master Health Checkup

Consultations with doctors

Emergency Help
Available 24/7

Telemedicine consultations

Home sample collections

Home health care help

Affordable Plans
For All Individuals

Major Hospitals' Lounge Access

We hope you will allow us to care for you and strive to be the first and best choice for healthcare. Contact Us For More Information

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